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I am still blown away by the generosity I received after my daughter was born. She was given so many sweet outfits, toys, and books! It felt like everyone who came to visit brought her a new little something or in some cases many somethings! However, as selfish as it may be, some of the gifts that stand out most in my mind are the things that were brought for ME!

Some of my friends showed up with gifts in hand with the intention of showering ME (the new mama) with some love and attention! These gifts were so thoughtful and generous that I want to share with you some ideas for gift baskets for a new mama! After all, the new mama just went through hell and back to bring forth that little one! Shower her with some love and attention!

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Indulgent New Mama Gift Basket

If you are looking to really pamper and bless a new mama, put together some of the following items and I guarantee that she will be delighted!

Pajamas or a Cute New Nursing Top

A new pair of pajamas is one of the gifts that I received after my daughter was born. I loved this because I spent so much time in my pajamas the first month of her life. Having a cute pair of new jammies made me feel like a new woman! Plus there is nothing better than cuddling a new baby in your jammies. I love this pair of pajamas that you can get on Amazon! I recommend the black because they are so classy that the new mama will feel less sloppy and just a little bit more sophisticated even with an unwashed ponytail and dark circles under her eyes!

Another gift that would be so appreciative is a cute nursing top! I love this one that you can also get on Amazon!

Gift Card for A Mani-Pedi

The new mama will really appreciate a gift card for a mani-pedi as it will give her the excuse to get out of the house for an hour sans baby. This will ensure that she has some time to herself to recharge! Make sure it’s for a nail salon that is close to her house so that she doesn’t have any excuses to get out and get some much needed me time!

Gift Card for a local restaurant

This is one of my favorite gift ideas for a new mom. Scope out some yummy food places nearby that have pick-up or delivery available. This ensures that when the meal train runs out there are still some quick, easy, and delicious options waiting for the mama that is short on time and energy! Bonus points if you get it for a restaurant that the new parents love!

Shower and Bath Gel

I love this shower gel and body lotion! This shower gel and body lotion have 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and no sulfates or parabens! This duo is sure to help that new mama get a relaxing night sleep, at least until the baby wakes up!

Practical New Mama Gift Basket

Water Bottle

It’s important for a new mother to stay hydrated! According to lactating mothers should be drinking an average of 13 cups or about 100 oz of water a day. That’s a lot! Help the new mama drink lots of water by buying her an insulated water bottle!

I absolutely love my Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler. It keeps water cold for so long! I also love that it comes with the stainless steel straws. In my opinion drinking from a straw is so much easier when you are nursing. It’s dishwasher safe and it even comes with a straw cleaner! I can’t recommend it enough!

Lactation Cookies

Whip of up a batch of homemade lactation cookies for the new mama. One of my friends did this for me and they were so delicious and such a great snack to have on hand!

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are a major necessity! If you are wondering which nursing pads I prefer… I really like the idea of the washable ones because I dislike the ecological impact of using lots of disposable nursing pads so I tried to use these as much as possible. But I also really like the disposable ones for work and overnight because they are SUPER absorbent and I don’t have to worry about it for a few hours.

Nipple Cream

Despite what so many lactation consultants told me, breastfeeding hurt at first. Those early days when Baby is latching nonstop can be really chafing so grab some nipple cream for that new mama!

Lanolin can soothe sore, cracked nipples. I took a class from a board-certified lactation consultant before my daughter was born. She told us that the only thing we should be putting on our nipples is lanolin. In the cases of infection, a lactation consultant or doctor will prescribe something stronger. The lanolin doesn’t have to be wiped off before Baby nurses which is a HUGE plus. That’s one less thing you have to remember.

My midwife told me to use the lanolin nipple cream preventatively from the get-go. I put it on after EACH and EVERY nursing session for the first few weeks. While I still had some nipple pain I think it really helped ease the discomfort. This is the lanolin nipple cream I used. It’s the same one that I was given samples of at the hospital.

Post-Partum Teas

Pink Stork has a great line of post-partum teas meant to help new mamas recover from the inside out! I love the Pink Stork Recovery Tea. It’s 100% USDA organic and meant to replace vital nutrients, and even help with milk supply! I also really like Pink Stork Uplift for when you have a minor case of the baby blues! The lavender and chamomile are so soothing and relaxing!

Gift Basket for a New Baby

If you are like me you probably won’t be able to resist putting together a little gift for the new baby as well! I mean seriously, who can resist tiny baby things! Here are my 3 go-to items for a small new baby gift basket.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Muslin swaddle blankets are my absolute favorite product from when my daughter was a newborn. I not only used them to swaddle my daughter but also used them on the floor for tummy time, as a nursing cover, car seat cover, and a few times even as a scarf! They are so versatile!

I love this swaddle set for a baby girl and this swaddle set for a baby boy!

Board Book Collection

Books will always be my number one go-to gift! As a teacher here are a few of my favorite book sets for babies to get little readers started off on the right foot!

The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Book Boards– Dr. Suess 

The Big Box of Bright and Early Board Books–Dr. Suess

The Little Red Box of Bright and Early Board Books– PD Eastman

Boynton’s Greatest Hits Volume 1–by Sandra Boynton 

Boynton’s Greatest Hits Volume 2–by Sandra Boynton

All of those books sets come highly recommended by me for their educational purposes. They have great concepts to teach your child including rhyming, colors, and opposites! They are also loved by my daughter because they are silly, colorful and so much fun!


I LOVED when people brought as diapers as a gift! It is practical and so completely needed and appreciated. I think a big box of diapers is such a bonus gift! So head to your local big box store and pick up whichever diaper brand is on sale. I guarantee those new parents are going to be so appreciative!

When making any of the three gift baskets just throw the items into a cute basket, tie on a ribbon and you are good to go! The new mama is going to be so pleased and thankful with any of these items! Now you can go visit that fresh new baby with a useful gift in hand!