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If you have been chasing the elusive dream of keeping a house clean with kids then look no further! You can definitely have a clean house even if kids live in it! Read these super helpful 5 tips to improve your home life with a cleaner house!

I am pretty type A. Yes, it’s true. In fact, it might be an understatement. I have routines. I write lists. I dislike deviating from the plan. I know what I want to accomplish every day when I wake up and when I don’t accomplish those things I feel extremely defeated.

This can be detrimental in some areas BUT it is super helpful when it comes to keeping a clean house! I have 5 great tips for keeping a clean house with kids!

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Keeping a Clean House with Kids Tip #1: Clean up messes the same day they happen

This tip requires willpower. Lot’s of it. You need to clean up messes when they happen! In a nutshell, you don’t want to leave today’s messes for tomorrow. You are just screwing over your future self.

What does that look like? It means doing dishes after meals, cleaning up toys with your child when they are done with them. This means making your bed and putting laundry away. It means cleaning up LITTLE messes as they occur. This will simplify cleaning SO MUCH! If you spend 5 minutes cleaning up here and there then you won’t be spending HOURS cleaning a few days a week!

Keeping a Clean House with Kids Tip #2: Go to bed with a clean house

If you are cleaning up messes throughout the day that means that when your little ones go to bed you just have a few final touches to deal with. I ALWAYS do the following two things after my daughter goes to bed. First, I clean up the kitchen. Wipe down counters, put away dishes etc.

Then I move into our living room and make sure that all of her toys are put away. Most of them will be because she cleans up after herself but there are often a few things I need to tweak. I make sure that her toys look nice and organized. That blankets are folded. And the furniture is in the correct places!

Doing these things is the ABSOLUTE BEST! Then you get to go to bed with a clean house and more importantly you are going to wake up with a clean house! What a great way to start the day!

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Keeping a Clean House with Kids Tip #3 Teach your child early how to clean up

You might be rolling your eyes at this. Well, sorry. Teaching your kids how to clean up is so important! That’s a life skill many kids don’t have. (Believe me, I’m a teacher). At 15 months my daughter already knows how to put her dirty clothes away,  collect her bath toys, and where to put her shoes. Cleaning up a room full of toys is definitely more difficult for her but she will get there eventually. Take baby steps, literally.

I strongly believe that kids need small bits of responsibility. It makes for good humans. I’m all for making my daughter a good human.

Keeping a Clean House with Kids Tip #4 Simplify Your Cleaning Products

This tip took me a while to learn. I had a million cleaning products: bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner, another floor cleaner, counter cleaner, disinfecting wipes, and the list went on! We had an entire shelf in our laundry room covered with cleaners!

You need to find 1 all-purpose cleaner that can suit basically all of your cleaning needs. This simplifies your life significantly! Instead of lugging a bucket full of cleaning products from room to room you will be walking around with one spray bottle.

It sounds simple and kind of dumb but it actually is a huge time saver and what mom doesn’t need to save some time?

What cleaner do I use?

I am obsessed with Thieves Cleaner. Absolutely obsessed. It cleans kitchens, bathroom tile, toilets, sinks, floors, windows, it degreases even the stickiest sink. It can even be used as a laundry boost! I get my Thieves Cleaner through Young Living. You can buy it here for retail price or you can make an account and get it at a discount. If you are hesitant about the process  you can read my review on Young Living and Essential Oils here. Don’t be scared by the words ‘essential oils’. Believe me, you will love it and never want to go back to conventional cleaners.

Keeping a Clean House with Kids Tip #5 Multitask

Multitasking is a must when you are a mom. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it!

    1. Fold laundry while your toddler is doing a quiet activity
    2. Start a load of laundry each morning
    3. Clean the bathroom while your kids are taking a bath

I know that multitasking sounds like a no-brainer BUT hear me out. Sometimes I think we as mothers feel the need to be 100% present with our child every step of the day. Especially those of us that work away from home. We feel that we have to focus on our child to make up for the time we are away. But, we need to give ourselves some grace. It’s okay to multitask. It’s okay to not give your child your undivided attention every second of the day. 

Now, before I  get hate messages.  I am NOT advocating that we ignore our kids. I am only saying we can have some grace for ourselves in the moments when our attention has to be divided. It’s okay Mama, really. 

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