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Stage 1 Baby Food Landing Page

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Final Stage 1 Baby food ebook

This step by step guide provides the answers you are looking for all in one convenient place!

  • recipes (32!)
  • 3 introduction schedules and checklists 
  • allergy information (my daughter has a peanut allergy!) 
  • tons of tips 
  • how to meal prep and store your baby’s food! 

Stop stressing about what to feed your baby! I take the guesswork out of it! 


Why do I need this?

So that you can stop stressing about what you feed your baby! 

You have the go-ahead from your baby’s doctor and you are ready to start whipping up baby food!

Do you feel overwhelmed?

This step by step guide provides the answers you are looking for all in one convenient place!

I provide recipes and introduction schedules so that you don’t have to spend extra mental energy trying to figure out what and when! 

Choose from 3 different introduction schedules including

  • introduction based on flavor profile: gentle flavors that will be easy on baby’s tummy and taste buds
  • Introduction Schedule based on season: So that you can shop at local farmers markets or from your own garden
  • Custom Introduction Schedule: You choose, when and what! 



Contents Include

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  • 32 Recipes (enough for 2 food introductions/ week for 4 months)
  • Printable Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list so you know which foods to prioritize buying organic
  • Information on Allergy Awareness 
  • Tips for Introducing Purees 
  • Baby Meal Prep Suggestions 
  •  Spice Suggestions so that you can develop your babies palate! 
  • 3 Different Food Introduction Checklists Including 
    • Food introduction by flavor profile (ie milder and gentler foods first)
    • Food introduction by season (to allow you to shop seasonally and locally)
    • A customizable introduction schedule. (You choose what and when!)


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The Only Baby Food Cookbook you will need! 

If you are anything like me, you have researched hours and hours trying to make sense of the what, when, and how to make baby food. 

I took my regular mommy path and made a Pinterest board to save all of the different baby food recipes I had found. But I found this board to be overwhelming and to be honest it still didn’t solve my problem of what, when, and how. 

Sure, I had tons of recipes collected but to be quite honest I just wanted someone to tell me what to introduce and when. 

So to save you this frustration I created 3 different food introduction schedules with recipes to take the thinking and planning pressure off of you. Because you know what Mama? You have enough things to think about. Baby food doesn’t need to be one of them.

I had searched and searched for baby food introduction checklists and Meghan gives not just one but 3 different options! She also provides so many other helpful tips! Yesterday I prepped all my sons food for the whole month! Our freezer is stocked and ready to go! 

Thank You! 


This cookbook was exactly what I needed! It saved me so much time! I chose to use the food introduction by season schedule so that I could buy local organic food! Genius!